The Ultimate List of 10 Best Low Budget Used Cars in Western Australia

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Looking for an affordable used car in Western Australia? We’ve got you covered! Car Cashiers, the trusted perth cash for car company and car removal experts, have compiled a list of the top 10 best low-budget used cars in Western Australia. Whether you’re a student, a first-time car buyer, or simply seeking a reliable and cost-effective option, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect ride without breaking the bank.

List Of 10 Best Low Budget Used Cars in WA


Car Cashier’s Recommendations – Top 10 Best Low-Budget Used Cars in WA

Toyota Corolla

Known for its durability and reliability, the Toyota Corolla is a top choice for budget-conscious buyers. With its excellent fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, you can find a pre-owned Corolla that fits your budget easily.

Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 offers a well-rounded package, combining affordability, reliability, and modern features. It boasts a comfortable interior, a range of engine options, and impressive safety features, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers.


The Mazda3 is a popular compact car known for its stylish design, enjoyable driving experience, and fuel efficiency. Its solid build quality and attractive features make it a great value for money.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus offers a fun-to-drive experience, spacious interior, and an array of features at an affordable price. With its agile handling and variety of engine options, a used Ford Focus is an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a reliable and fuel-efficient option that retains its value well. It offers a comfortable ride, spacious interior, and a reputation for longevity. Consider the Civic if you prioritize reliability and practicality.

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Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is known for its premium build quality, refined driving dynamics, and comfortable interior. While it may be pricier than some other options on this list, you can find used models that fit within a reasonable budget.

Nissan Pulsar

The Nissan Pulsar is a practical and affordable choice, offering good fuel economy, comfortable seating, and a smooth ride. It provides excellent value for money, making it an attractive option for budget-minded buyers.

Holden Cruze

The Holden Cruze is a compact sedan that offers a comfortable ride, decent fuel efficiency, and a well-designed interior. It presents a good balance between affordability and features, making it a solid choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is a small and nimble hatchback that provides excellent fuel efficiency, easy maneuverability, and low running costs. It’s a popular choice among first-time car buyers and individuals looking for an affordable urban runabout.

Mitsubishi Lancer

The Mitsubishi Lancer is a compact sedan that offers good reliability, decent fuel economy, and a spacious cabin. While it may not be the most modern option on the market, it provides a budget-friendly choice for those seeking practicality and affordability.


When it comes to buying a used car on a low budget in Western Australia, there are plenty of options to choose from. This list of the 10 best low-budget used cars, compiled by Car Cashiers, provides a starting point for your search. Remember to consider factors such as condition, maintenance history, and mileage when making your final decision. By doing thorough research and seeking professional guidance, you can find a reliable and affordable used car that suits your needs and budget. Happy car hunting!

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